The TissueGrinder

An automated miniature mill for sensitive cell tissue enables the extraction of living cells from a tissue sample. The technology was developed at Fraunhofer IPA. This procedure – which has now been outlicensed to the start-up Fast Forward Discoveries GmbH – creates an important prerequisite for personalized medicine.

AI under control

Products that use artificial intelligence (AI) must be developed in accordance with the law and deliver comprehensible results. An audit conducted by Fraunhofer IPA has now confirmed these properties for a product from Experian - the "Fraud Miner" as part of a fraud prevention solution.

3D-printed sensors

In 3D-printing, up to now, the integration of electronic components and consequently, the production of customized sensors has presented a challenge. Now, together with the companies ARBURG and Balluff, Fraunhofer IPA has achieved a breakthrough.

How digital is my company?

Digital transformation is improving production and making entirely new business models possible. However, before implementation begins, it makes sense to determine the degree of maturity, advises Paul Thieme from the DigiTools for Manufacturing department at Fraunhofer IPA.

Weltweit erstes ultraeffizientes Gewerbegebiet

Ohne Abfall, Abwasser und Abluft: Das Konzept für das weltweit erste stadtnahe, ultraeffiziente Gewerbegebiet steht. Wissenschaftler der drei Fraunhofer-Institute IPA, IAO und IGB haben es gemeinsam mit der Stadt Rheinfelden (Baden) und den ansässigen Unternehmen erarbeitet. Es sieht vor, alternative Energiequellen anzuzapfen, vorhandene Synergien besser zu nutzen und Kreisläufe zu...